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The Watch Factory, Prescot
Project Name: The Watch Factory
Type: Residential
Client: First Ark Group
Location: Prescot
Watch Factory Phase 2 is a development of 191 affordable dwellings in Prescot, Merseyside. The local area has a strong historic character set by the Grade II listed Watch Factory building located to the south of the site. Originally the home of the Lancashire Watch Company, the factory is a significant part of Prescot’s local history and was converted into an extra-care scheme in 2018.

The masterplan reconnects the wider fabric, tying very different ground levels and previously discordant grain together to create a seamless, holistic neighbourhood & community. The industrial language of the factory combined with the existing terraced streets has given the site a unique character which has been built on in Phase 2 to create a development that has a strong relationship with the existing neighbourhood and provides a mixed housing community.

The massing and materiality of the development reflects the historic context of the site. Brickwork facades with a rhythm of large window openings, deep reveals and recessed brickwork reflect the industrial language of the Watch Factory while the massing has been designed to reflect the scale of the building and its relationship with the existing terraced housing.