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26 Old Haymarket
Liverpool, L1 6ER

Northumberland Street, Liverpool
Project Name: Northumberland Street
Type: Residential
Client: Plus Dane
Location: Liverpool
A strong terraced run of 16 houses fronting a major route in to Liverpool City Centre. Designed as a repeating pair of units, a strong identity and rhythm has been established.

A repeating rhythm of gable and roof terrace creates variety along the roofscape. Brickwork detailing signifies each individual house.

As the motif reaches the corner, a subtle variation in elevational treatment creates interest, and a strong urban corner is achieved - recalling the dense historical terraced block. Parking is handled to the rear of the block, allowing the terraced houses to be arranged close to the footpath - providing containment and a sense of enclosure to the road. A corner turning house allows a density to the development and completes the perimeter urban block.