X1 The Gateway, Salford

191 high-quality apartments offering a choice of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom accommodation, with commercial space on the ground floor, being developed on a previously vacant site on Trafford Road. The tower will act as a gateway to the area from the north, helping to signify Salford Quays as an area of civic, commercial and visual importance, and further developing it as a focus of urban activity.

Its scale and massing relate not only to the existing surroundings, but also to new developments coming forward in the immediate area. The design steps up progressively from 10 to 21 storeys, while enhancing the public realm at street level with detail at a human scale and attractive pedestrian routes linking Elmira Way to Trafford Road and on to the Quays.

The layout of the apartments is based around an open plan living space and adjoining kitchen. The majority have balconies, and these are positioned to take advantage of key views. Some also have large external terraces, exploiting the opportunity created as the building form steps back. Surface finishes have been chosen for a combination of richness and simplicity.