City West Office, Eccles

A 2- and 3-storey office building located centrally in Eccles, Salford, for City West Housing Trust. City West’s aim was to house all staff and customers from their two separate offices in one flagship office allowing customers greater access and convenience in meeting with Trust officers.

The development comprises a new housing office at ground floor with a large, 2-storey glazed entrance atrium running from front to back. Within the ground floor space there are informal meeting areas and information points as well as private meeting booths for customers. Upper levels provide ‘agile working’ spaces, meeting facilities and a large, adaptable conference suite opening out onto an external terrace and green roof.

The building’s elevation integrates a number of programmable LED panels, which can be changed to respond to local or national events. The building has achieved BREEAM Very Good status by incorporating rooftop photovoltaic panels, a green roof and high-performance glazing.