Who we are:

DK-Architects is an innovative, contemporary architecture and urban design practice based in Liverpool.

Over three decades, DK-Architects has built a reputation, and gained many awards, for designing and delivering successful and sustainable buildings, spaces and places. We work across many sectors: commercial, cultural, housing, health, leisure, masterplanning, and urban regeneration.

Our varied work is united by a desire to use design to drive positive change. For every project, we are committed to creating the best possible solution for the client, user and wider community. We believe in making great places, as well as buildings, which will work over time and have lasting quality.

Warburton Hey, St Helens

South Bank, Leeds

The Lighthouse, Formby

How we work:

Simply, we listen and respond to our clients’ needs, and work closely with them to develop a design that meets, and aims to exceed, their expectations.

Our architecture is a direct response to these aims and ambitions, and we put great effort into understanding a client’s requirements, a building's context and the needs of its users.

We search for the chances to create great architecture in every project, working within the constraints and opportunities of the site, budget and programme.

We pursue a collaborative, pragmatic, analytical and open working method that produces responsive, sensitive and intelligent architecture. Sustainability is integrated within our work through sensible and value-focused principles. For over thirty years, this way of working has allowed us to produce architecture that resonates with clients and users to produce buildings and places of exceptional quality.

Our clients:

At DK-Architects we have developed lasting relationships with clients from many sectors and we are looking to work with new clients who share our interest in producing great buildings and places.

Please get in touch if you would like to work with us - we would be delighted to hear from you.